4 Reasons It’s Time to Hire New Staff

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Having the right staff is very important for any business, and in the beauty industry where the staff is the client’s main source of your service, it’s crucial to have the right amount of people to keep business going. 

As a small business owner, you need to look for staff that fit your team best and that are dedicated to their work. But depending on where your salon is at in terms of growth and traffic your need of staff may change.

While some salon owners feel like they need to hire an entire staff right away, others feel more comfortable waiting until their salon get some recognition and build their client base. So if you are worried about when to hire more people, we’ve pulled together some insights to help you decide when you need some extra staff.

1. You’re spending too much time on nonessential tasks

Look carefully at your current situation. Do you keep spending too much time on administrative duties and still have unfinished tasks at the end of the day? Do you have to keep your salon open even in late evening hours? If you’re at loss and not being able to carry out your job properly you might have more work than you can handle. 

If you find yourself not having enough time on revenue-generating activities that will help you get your salon recognized and find new clients, it’s a clear sign that you need additional staff members to tackle tasks such as answering phones and getting appointments. After all, your time would be better spent on developing long-term growth strategies.

2. Troubles with customer service

Did you start getting more complaints from your clients? Maybe they complain about having to wait for their appointment or not getting the same service they used to have. Unfortunately, insufficient staff can result in clients being unhappy and losing potential clients by negative word-of-mouth or not being able to respond to demand. If you’ve noticed that you’re struggling to provide great customer service and keep your clients happy, it may be time to consider increasing your staff. No salon can afford to turn off existing clients or neglect potential new ones.

You put so much effort to build a strong clientele and your salon’s reputations. By overworking you will have to turn down your repeated clients which you definitely don’t want. Getting another therapist to work for new clients and helping behind the desk would help build loyalty. 

3. Your Staff is Noticeably Overworked

Think about the workload of your current staff to help you decide to hire more people. You would easily see if your staff are struggling to respond to clients’ demands and do their work. You might also see them stressed more and they might seem unmotivated to work. Another sign they are stressed would be if they keep asking off time due to sickness. High sick-day usage can indicate that employees feel stressed and need mental health days to cope. 

These red flags should not be ignored. Your staff won’t complain about the work to you but you might overhear their conversation between themselves. If your staff can’t keep up with the workload and when stress levels rise, you might lose some of them to salons that provide less-stressful environments.

4. Salon Expansion and New Business 

If your salon started to get more recognized and you notice you have more client bookings then you used to, you might need to expand your staff. It’s difficult to make a positive impression on new clients when you don’t have enough staff to give service to them. 

But it’s important to note that the increased workload will last long enough to justify hiring new staff and it’s not just seasonal. Otherwise, temporary employees or overtime hours might be the best solutions for your salon.

An increase in staff likely will be needed if you plan to expand your business by offering new services. You might want to expand your services by acquiring a new tool or a machine to your salon. But your current staff might not have the skills your salon needs if you plan to offer a new service that requires the usage of new technology or approach. Although you can train your current staff, it might be more efficient to hire employees who are already trained in the new area. 

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