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5 essential ways to showcase your salon

Showcase your salon as it is the best way to become more successful in order to attract the right employees and new customers.

Behind every salon is a great story and it’s this unique story that makes you memorable and trustworthy to your employees and potential clients. 

Through your story you are communicating where you came from, what you’ve done, and most importantly, what value and quality you have to offer.

In fact, it is the most cost effective way to become successful.

5 ways to showcase your salon 

1- Establish the right culture for your salon

Defining a strong work culture contributes to the identity and value of your salon.

Also retention, a strong company culture attracts and retains better talents. If you treat your employees well and have a fun-loving atmosphere, your clients will see you as a fun-loving brand. Most companies have a vision and a mission on their website, find yours and it will help you to provide your clear purpose and future goals, shape your business strategy and facilitate the evolution and improvement of your salon.

2- Build a powerful online presence

When you consider how you show your salon to the world, you also have to think about your online presence. That means you need to make sure that your website, social media pages and other online platforms are providing the right type of representation for your business. 

Nowadays clients see you online before they see you in person. So it is well worth your time to focus on creating a website and social media. Websites are the windows of your business, make sure it is dynamic, informative and user-friendly. 

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3- Be Consistent

Consistency can make a real impact on how your business grows, it plays a role in how you interact with your customers, your employees, what you post, what visuals you use and so on.

Maintaining consistency starts from you as a salon owner. It is a reflection of your habits/routines, how you plan and what you schedule to happen.

Make sure you get a clear plan on what you want to achieve and keep your goals small and smart as you would be able to measure your success quickly.

4- First impressions matter

The first impression counts! And we know, a bad customer experience can have a lasting impact. Unfortunately, that impact can snowball through negative online reviews and word of mouth. 

In the beauty industry, the first impression is crucial for your salon reputation. Make sure your salon looks at its best at all time, impeccable windows, clear and friendly-user website, professional and presentable employees. 

It was proven that majority of clients feel anxious when going into a salon they haven’t visited before. That is why it is important to ensure clients feel welcome and at ease. Be hospitable, greet clients warmly and keep them informed at all time.

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5- Be Customer-Centric

Customer service is one of the most important ingredients of creating customer loyalty and building a positive reputation for your salon. 

If you want to make sure they get what they want, ask your clients for feedback, don’t be afraid of criticism, it is an opportunity to improve and show your clients that you care and listen to what they think.

To stand out from your competitors, go beyond your clients expectation. Add something special to your treatments or the way you welcome your clients. Making a client feel special is a proven way to maintain loyalty.

Also, while clients may come first, don’t forget the wellbeing of your therapists, they are the frontline of your salon as the public face of your business. Recognise and reward the efforts of your staff and empower them to make the decisions to meet customer needs.

Your salon image is everything, it is crucial that you seek to showcase your company at its best at all times and in all venues, both in the real world and online. That would help building up your brand and earn customer loyalty over time.

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