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5 Tips to Write a Beautician Cover Letter


Crafting a compelling cover letter to land your next beautician job is crucial as it is the first thing a hiring manager sees before they take a look at your resume. If your cover letter is composed in a way to get their attention and highlights the skills and experience you have that are relevant to the job you’re applying, they will want to see the following page.

If you are feeling the need to shift your career and ready for your next beautician role and you already registered your profile on our website, it’s time to get your cover letter ready.

Here are top tips with examples to help you structure your letter and make it stand out from the competition!

1. Get their attention from the start

The hiring managers often don’t have enough time to read a long letter so it’s always best to keep the letter concise and succulent. If you know their name, using their name to start with and greet them professionally will get their attention and show them that you took the time for this specific application only. Also stating the job vacancy you’re applying for and why you think you are a good fit is important. Then make sure each sentence count and highlights your experience and skills that will help you do this new role much better than other candidates.


Dear Mrs …….,

With this letter and the attached resume, I would like to express my sincere interest in the beauty therapist position you have available on website. I feel that my skills and experiences would be a great fit for me to succeed in this role.

2. Don’t clone your CV

The point of having a cover letter is to describe more in detail the accomplishments of your previous experiences that will make you an asset for the new role and prompt interest of the reader to continue reading your CV. You can tell your story in longer but more effective sentences to show why you are the perfect candidate for the role you are applying.

Example (from Jobhero)

My background lies in providing outstanding customer service and satisfaction while demonstrating expertise in a range of beauty and skin care treatments. In my previous position with Estee Lauder, my comprehensive service to high-end clientele resulted in a generous repeat customer base and substantial profit growth. Furthermore, the recent completion of my beautician-training program ensures that I will continue my record of exceptional client attention and product expertise to your establishment.

3. Tailor it for the new role

The job description will give you details on what the role requires and which areas to focus in your beautician cover letter and it’s important to customize your cover letter specifically for the job vacancy you’re applying for. Take notes of the qualifications the hiring manager is looking for and give examples of the ones you have. For example, if the role requires a certain cosmetology training or certificate, make sure to include it in your cover letter. You can also include experiences where you developed similar skills that are suitable for the role if you don’t have the exact experience for it.


I’m a qualified Beauty Therapist with valuable experience working with a broad range of clients and performing different treatments. In my previous role, I was responsible for welcoming clients into the therapy room and ensuring their comfort as well as assessing customer needs.

4. Closing with confidence and positivity

Now that you have their attention and they read it this far it’s time to close the letter in a polite, direct and proper manner. Keeping it confident and cordial while also include your contact information is important to make the lasting impression. Also mentioning you are available for an interview to discuss further details and prove you would be an asset for the business would be effective.


I would appreciate an opportunity to further discuss my experience and demonstrate my abilities at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely (if their name was used), Yours faithfully / Regards (if it wasn’t)

5. Check before sending

Make sure to spellcheck or have a friend read and edit it for you if you need to or use a program like Grammarly.Check your cover letter for punctuation and spelling before sending.

Many computers are able to easily open and read a PDF file to convert your Word or Pages file to PDF before sending. You may have to use messaging section when applying on some job platforms so you can just copy and paste the cover letter.


Keep the tone professional in your beautician cover letter to ensure you make a positive impression.

Don’t forget to focus on the skills and experiences required in the job description and use the same keywords and topics throughout your letter to make your beautician cover letter help you stand out as a better candidate. Also instead of including a lot of information, keep the letter short and include only the related experience and skills for that specific role.

Since not many beautician candidates often send out cover letters with their application, by having a strong letter the hiring professional will be more likely to invite you for an interview.

Are you ready to apply for your next beautician role? Register at Beyouticians to start browsing the opportunities!

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