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A career in Beauty… Is It Really For Me?

 Do you have a strong interest in beauty…and has a career in the industry has crossed your mind? Are you still unsure if it is the right path for you? Well, I hope this article would help…


As a beauty therapist myself, I will tell you everything I know about my job.


-What does a beauty therapist do?

-Where can I work?

-How & Where do I start?

-Career progression

-A Career in Beauty… Is it Really for Me? Take the Quiz




1- What does a Beauty Therapist do?


The role of a Beauty Therapist is, essentially, to carry out a range of different beauty treatments that are beneficial to the well-being of their clients. with a strong understanding of key body systems, skin biology, anatomy, and cosmetic chemistry. Using this knowledge, Beauty Therapists provide a range of non-medical face, body and relaxation treatments customized to clients’ needs, and recommend appropriate products and after-care.

A Beauty Therapist will work with a range of equipment and products and must be trained in order to perform these treatments safely.


The most common daily tasks for a beauty therapist.

  • Performing facial or body massage and treatments including hair removal, manicures, and pedicures, lash and brow treatments, tanning.
  • Conducting skin analysis and advising clients on skin and body care.
  • Making appointments, maintaining client records and handling financial transactions
  • Selling and providing advice on cosmetic and skin care products
  • Booking appointments and greeting clients
  • Selling and providing advice on cosmetic and skin care products

Beauty Therapists require a minimum level of training and qualifications to provide safe and effective treatments.

Depends on the level of experience and qualification a beauty therapist can expect to earn between £7.5 up to £15/ hour. But don’t forgot tips and commissions. It is advisable to find out and agree on these because started on any jobs.


Essential Key skills to become a beauty therapist.


  • To be a Good listener
  • To have a Passion for the beauty industry
  • Love of learning
  • Excellent time keeping
  • A caring, Friendly and approachable attitude



2- Where can I Work?


Beauty Therapists work in many different Places from high street salons and beauty clinics to health spas, hotels, and even cruise ships! You could also work from home on a self-employed basis, or visit clients in their own home.


Working hours of a Beauty Therapist


As a Beauty Therapist, your daily working hours will depend on where you work. In a salon, spa or retail environment, you may be required to work evenings and weekends to accommodate client appointments or shopping hours. It varies from the earliest 9 am to latest 9 pm, on average you will work form 37 to 40 hours a week.

If you’re self-employed, you will have more flexibility in your working hours but will need to be available at times that suit your clients, which are often outside usual business hours. 


3- How & Where do I start?


If you’re interested in becoming a Beauty Therapist, there are certain skills, techniques and attributes you’ll need to qualify for certain roles. Either in a salon or as self-employed.
You will be required to have a formal qualification in beauty services such as an NVQ level 2 or 3.

Many beauty schools offer a range of level 2 and 3 Beauty Therapy courses, some of which include practical training. Another way to build up your experience whilst studying, is to start working in a salon or spa as an assistant. This will help you to put the knowledge gained from your course into practice.

If you already have a certificate or experience in a certain area such as makeup, nail care or waxing, you may want to consider around off your training and knowledge with a qualification in beauty therapy.


List of beauty therapy school in Brighton and Sussex


MET: Greater Brighton Metropolitan College, Offers a wide range of essential beauty courses such as Level 1,2 and 3.

The courses will take you from the foundation of learning the job from NVQ Level 1 or Level 2 depending on your GCSE level. You would be taught and develop your skills as a Beauty Therapist by introducing you to a large range of beauty treatments and prepare you for work in salons, hotels or even for yourself in the UK or overseas.

‘Studying Beauty Therapy at Brighton MET is fun, exciting and will give you the skills, confidence and most importantly, the experience to progress into employment or further your skills through study.’ from the MET website below.’


-The Sussex Beauty Training School in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. : ‘We teach skills and techniques that are ‘Current’, providing more employment opportunities.’ from the link below


-East Sussex College: East Sussex College includes the Adult Learning College, Employer Training, and the International College, which is open to students from Europe and around the world.


4- What about career progression?


The beauty industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. with more than 270 000 new jobs every year in the UK. there is plenty of room for new work opportunities and career progressions. Once you have a few years experience under your belt, you could potentially progress into a management role. Alternatively, you could take the self-employed route and work from home or open your very own salon.

Another path you could take is to complete further training and specialize in a particular treatment area such as massage, make-up or complementary therapies.

Make sure you can take part of beauty shows to keep track of the latest industry and business trends. It would also help you to meet people in the same environment as you which can open doors to new opportunities.


Check out the latest beauty courses at MET:

-Complementary Therapies – Level 3 Diploma

Sports Massage – Level 4 VTCT Certificate in Sports Massage

Beauty Therapy – One Day Course – Kinesiology Taping


5- A Career in Beauty… Is It Really For Me?


Like the idea of becoming a Beauty Therapist but still unsure? Take this quiz and find out if beauty is an ideal career path for you.

 We would like to hear your opinions if you think we need to add something, leave us a comment. 

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