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We are the place where everyone involved in the beauty industry can find what they are looking for, whether it’s an employee for their salon, job arrangement close to their home or somewhere around the world, or a tool that would upgrade their performance.

Giving professionals the chance to enhance their career, find work opportunities, meet professionals like them and network. Build up a strong community.

Showcase their work, exchange and share a passion for the beauty industry.

Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful and recognised.

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Elsa Cuny-Duverge,

Founder of BeYouticians and beauty Therapist in Brighton.

The story behind BeYouticians is not an overnight goal or an elevator pitch, but it is a growing idea that motivated me to create a meeting place where all different profiles of beauty professionals would come to share their experience, ask for advice or just hang out together.

Being a beautician with 10 years of experience myself, I have worked in France, the UK, and Canada. I can truly say that connecting my love towards my job, made me enjoy my professional life to the point that I want to enable that for all the beauty enthusiast out there.