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How much does a beauty therapist earn?

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Like many other careers, the pay scale of beauty therapist changes on the experience and is determined by the skills and qualifications. How much a beauty therapist is paid depends on factors like location, skill level, specialty, client building abilities and marketing experience and luck.

Average Earnings of a Beauty Therapist

As a start, beauty therapists’ hourly wages can be relatively low, however over time by building a client base and getting experience the income can increase gradually.

The average hourly pay for an entry-level beauty therapist is now between £7 – £8. And in general most entry-level beauty therapists earn in a pay scale between £12,000 – £17,000 per year.

Although it varies depending on location, a senior beauty therapist with more than 4-5 years of experience can expect to be paid between £9 – £15 per hour. For example in Brighton, this could be £9/£10 per hour when in London it could be £10/12. For a mid-career beauty therapist with 5-9 years of experience, the annual average salary would be £20,000-25,000 and the most experienced beauty therapists can earn up to £35,000 per year.  Beauty therapists that are in their late career and the most successful ones can earn over £20. And an experienced beauty manager can expect a fixed salary £27,000 – £30,000/year.

Also, some salons may pay a minimum wage and add commissions on top of it. These commissions may change between 10-20% on prices on products that are sold in the salon. It should be noted that these rates vary widely for each employer and mainly depending on the location.

On top of these wages, most of the times beauty therapists receive tips from their clients. These tips change depending on their experience, the quality of their work and how much they can make their clients happy. If over the years a beauty therapist can develop a strong relationship with their clients they can earn more and even start working at a higher paying salon or open their own business.

Factors That Will Determine Your Beauty Therapist Salary

Experience and Reputation as a Beauty Therapist

Beauty therapists are able to gain a good reputation by establishing their work among their clients. High praises from satisfied clients and word of mouth recommendations allow beauty therapists to increase their salaries and salons are often willing to pay more for these in-demand beauty therapists.

For a beauty therapist, higher earnings can be achieved by opening their own salon. Also when a beauty therapist starts to be known and requested for their work from local clients, it helps their business growth that leads to higher income.

Location of the Beauty Salon You Work at

The income of a beauty therapist is greatly impacted by their salon’s location. In cities like London, beauty therapists can earn a much higher amount due to the cost of living. Also, salons in bigger cities often have higher client traffic and if the salon is located in a more wealthier location, clients may tip in higher amount.

Other Factors that Determine a Beauty Therapist’s Earnings

Working part-time at salons when their service is needed is a way for many beauty therapists to get some extra earnings. This allows beauty therapists to spend time on their other priorities like working for other salons or focusing on their personal business and their families. It is important to note here that making higher earnings can be challenging if working part-time is the only income generator.

Another way for a beauty therapist to increase their earnings is to work as self-employed  and on evenings and weekends to suit their private client’s schedules. Selling branded beauty products or equipment in their salons is another way for beauty therapists who own a salon. These products can vary such as hair products, spa products, make-up products, etc.

Salary Rise of a Beauty Therapist

There are many higher education qualifications that will provide better opportunities for a beauty therapist can get if they want to progress in their careers. Further training and knowledge of beauty treatments will make a beauty therapist a valuable asset to the salon they are working at. When a beauty therapist has extended qualifications for their services, their salary eventually will be higher. They would be able to offer services that only they can offer that would lead them to bring more potential clients.


Beauty therapists earnings often don’t only rely on their salary and there are many opportunities for them to build a client base by doing great at their work, increasing word of mouth and promoting themselves. Having satisfied and loyal clients may even create opportunities for beauty therapists to open their own salons that will greatly increase their earnings.

Generally, beauty therapists never stay as a senior beauty therapist for a very long time. Eventually over the years either they get promoted and start managing a team, or work as a therapist part time dealing also with family responsibilities or even switch career.

All of this comes down to gaining experience and making the clients happy. At Beyouticians you can browse available opportunities to jump on your next beauty therapist adventure and grow your beauty therapist career.

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