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Why my beauticians quit?

Do you also find it hard to retain your therapists? Here are some of the reasons why beauticians don’t stick at one salon for long.

Employees quit their job for many reasons.

•Family relocation
•Children/ Childcare issues
•Retraining for alternative careers
•Looking for better opportunities and new challenges.

For these reasons it is hard as a manager to understand why it is difficult to retain employees.

7 Reasons why Beauticians quit

1-Relationship with the manager

A good manager should be a good model for their therapists. Leading by example giving constructive feedback and praise when merited. A good work ethic always comes from the top! Each individual needs to feel included and have an investment within the organisation. Therapists quickly lose motivate and become bored if they feel a lack of two-way communication with the manager.

2-unchallenged and bored at work

everybody wants a job that they are passionate about and love doing. as an employer, you need to help find what is your therapist is best at and encourage her to develop her skills and talents for herself and for the salon. A happy employee means a happy salon. If your employee is unhappy it will quickly be obvious to the other employees and being noticed by the clients.

3-Relationship with the team

It is important to work well as a team and develop a good environment within the salon. Human beings love having positive interactions. It can really affect someone emotions to work within a negative environment. People who work well together can develop creatively and become more productive. Building great working relationships can open doors to new projects and promote career advancement within the salon.

4. Opportunities to Use Their Skills and Abilities

Therapists want to develop and grow their skills. If they’re not able to do so, they’ll find a better option for their future. If an employee can’t see a continuous career growth within their current salon, they are likely to look elsewhere. As a manager, your role is to help your therapists to clear a defined path to achieve a dream career.

5. The contribution of a Good Work Ethic to the Salon.

To make a difference between the competitions, it is your responsibility to share with your therapists your vision and your ambitions for your salon.  The therapist needs to feel connected and part of the big picture of the future of your salon. The therapists’ contribution is an important part of your salon growth. If you exclude them from your projects, they are likely to feel unwanted and you will eventually have to get into the entire process of hiring again.

6- Independence and Autonomy

The therapist needs to know that she is responsible for her own work and can take the initiative to ensure the salon is running properly. She will get more job satisfaction if her professionalism is trusted and respected as a recognition. 

7- Lack of recognition of Employee Job and contribution to the salon.

Appreciation is a fundamental human need that all the employees respond positively when their work is appreciated. When good work is recognised satisfaction and productivity rise and the motivation to maintain and exceed it increases. Recognition can be expressed offering regular treatments or products, pay rise or time off making the therapist feel valued for her contribution.

If you pay enough attention to these factors, you will retain your best employees and grow your business together as a team. It is important to make your work environment as positive as possible for your employees as well as for yourself.

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