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What does good work ethic mean in beauty?

Every new applicant for a job, likes to write that they have a good work ethic, but what does that actually mean, and what do you have to do?


Firstly, let me explain that a lot of these characteristics are transferable to any other job on any career path. Whether it’s the simplest of jobs or higher up in your career, it is always important to have a good work ethic, and the best part is that it doesn’t cost a single penny.

Your 6 essential points of a good work ethic in beauty.


Punctuality is AWAYS important.


Whether you are arriving to work for your shift, or whether you are carrying out treatments during the day, one should always be at work and ready to start the exact time if not a little early. By being just 5 mins late for work, can have such a huge knock-on effect on the whole day. When late for the first treatment, every treatment thereafter is likely to be late, and therefore by the end of the day, you may be running quite late, which is not impressive. Understandably, some things are out of the therapist’s hands and can’t be helped, for example, if the client is running late, it’s something that you should discuss with your up-line to know how to handle the situation as per salon protocol.

Which leads nicely into my next point…..




Essentially every therapist manager/ salon owner wants to hire an employee and get someone who is value for money… meaning someone who will work hard for the wages being paid. Whether you are being paid minimum wage or more, you should always be hard working. There is always something to do, and if you can’t find something that needs doing, ask your upline, and they will find something. It also shows that you are dependable, self-motivated, and will help you rise through the ranks quickly, especially if you are responsible and do the work well.


Be presentable


When working, it is important to always be presentable, whether it is in front of the client or not. Some people will try to be best friends with the boss, and this is not always ideal, but being professional is essential. General etiquette now seems to be, do not add your boss to Facebook, unless they request friendship first. I am of the opinion that it’s more professional to not even add colleagues to social media, at least not for the first 6 months of meeting them until you get to know them, even if it means that you give an excuse that you only use social media for friends and family, not work friends.


self -reflection


One of the key traits of having a good work ethic is self -reflection. It is amazing how quickly you will improve as a therapist, when thinking over how you carried out your treatments and whether there was anything that you could have done to be more efficient, made the client more comfortable, or just made the experience better generally. It also a good idea to chat to your up-line to discuss any feedback they may have for you, and also shows that you are proactive in wanting to be a better therapist. With most employments, managers will carry out regular appraisals to discuss what you think you are doing well in and what you would like to improve on.


Attention to detail


Is a trait that is quite often asked for in job description but is quite underrated as a trait to possess. When in the beauty field, attention to detail is absolutely essential. You would definitely want the client to leave happy with their treatment so attention to the manicure, or ensuring that every hair has been removed during waxing, is so vital in our field. Equal to this is being patient and organised. No client will want a therapist who is flapping around looking for products or equipment during the treatment. Quite often they are paying good money for a particular service and deserve to get the best possible treatment.


A positive and can-do attitude


Most importantly of all, it’s important to be fun to work with, and a positive presence in the workplace because realistically, no one wants to be working with someone who is all doom and gloom. Having a positive attitude will get you noticed and will also give you self confidence whilst being humble. Love your job, and be yourself as it will make you shine and will make you a more competent therapist.

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